Preparation of documentation for construction

Liberty Rose Architects are able to prepare all necessary documentation for the construction of the building proposal. We work closely with the client to understand their choice of finishes throughout the property to ensure that as much of the information as possible is specified prior to starting on-site. This ensures that an accurate cost estimate can be obtained from the contractors. 


We can develop the drawings to the required level of detail for the construction or repair of the proposal. We can then develop bespoke preliminaries (description of the job, contract, works etc.), specifications (methodologies and standards of work), schedule of works (to help with costing) and schedule of finishes to enable the smooth construction and completion of the project. 


We understand that each project is unique and therefore the information required at construction will also be bespoke, we tailor not just the information but the level of information required to the project, client ad situation. 

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