Liberty Rose Architects, are an RIBA Chartered Architects practice specialising in the care, repair and adaption of historic buildings and the design of new buildings in historic contexts. The practice believes that historic buildings are intrinsically important to the British countryside and culture and therefore should be maintained, repaired and where necessary adapted to ensure their continued use.  


Liberty Rose Architects understands that every project is unique and therefore a bespoke strategy is developed for each project. A thorough understanding of the existing building, its history and materials over time enables a well considered, sustainable and creative solution, which aims to improve the existing building.


The practice, based in Buckinghamshire, was founded by SPAB scholar Liberty Watts. Liberty is a RIBA Conservation Architect and has a comprehensive understanding of architectural history, traditional building materials, repair techniques and also of modern standards and design. 


Liberty Rose Architects balances the requirements of historic buildings with the needs of today.



Liberty Rose Architects promotes the reuse of existing buildings, this in itself is more sustainable than building new. When working with existing buildings, we analysis the building fully to inform what interventions and adaptions can be carried out to improve the energy performance and long term sustainability of the building with minimal impact on the building's character and significance.

On-site Work