Thesis: The Abattoir of Leominster

This project aims to propose a piece of architecture which invites the public to explore, debate and re-evaluate their opinions of the meat industry. Furthermore, through design, represent ‘what it means to be produced in Leominster’ creating a destination which celebrates the provenance of place. 


The project has evolved through first hand research into the use of blood as a stabiliser in rammed earth. The project, situated in Leominster, proposes an abattoir open to the public, providing local meat to Leominster, it also collects blood, a bi-product of the meat industry, in order to utilise it as a building material. The rammed earth buildings which are then built from this bi-product represent quality and uniqueness, acting as a new vernacular for Leominster, representing the local agriculture. The first of these buildings is a culinary school and restaurant, adding value to the meat produced at the abattoir. 

Relics in Leominster